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The focus of our breeding program is to produce top quality Silky Terrier puppies which closely adhere to the breed standard for the Silky Terrier.  We breed only physically and mentally sound dogs in order to produce quality Silky Terriers.  We breed Champion Silky Terriers which have been screened and cleared for patellar luxation and eye abnormalities . 

We raise our puppies in a home environment where they are loved and socialized both individually and with other well socialized youngsters and adults. Through this interaction, our young Silky Terrier puppies accept handling, noises, and distractions which eases the transition to their new homes.

Puppies are evaluated between 8-10 weeks of age. Puppies deemed companion are then placed in approved companion homes under spay or neuter contracts.  Young Silky Terriers and adults are occasionally placed in companion homes as well.

Stud service is available to qualified champion Silky Terrier bitches from our champion males. Requests for frozen semen can also be accommodated.  Please contact us for pricing and shipping information.

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